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Benefits of the Network Monitor
Fast Switching in Multiple System Displays
Utilizing the fast video source switching (Analog, Digital and Network), you can simply switch between PC, MAC and OfficeStation Terminal with a button press! Instantly boost your productivity.
Cost effective
Save up to 80%of your hardware cost versus buying a P4 or equivalent PC, OfficeStation gives any office or home users to expand an existing host PC easily and affordably.
No maintenance required
You only have to maintain and upgrade the host PC,OfficeStation requires no hardware maintenance.
OfficeStation will run Windows based applications on your host PC : internet browsing, email, office suites, most games and much more. (except 3D games and legacy applications)
Simultaneous Windows operation

Both host PC and OfficeStation terminals can run independently and execute same application programs separately. *Additional software license may be required

Small sleek design
Space saving design allows more room for your office or desk area.
No noise output and low power consumption
Quiet operations while saving energy costs (5 watt usage only)
Supports high-resolution monitor display
640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 16 bit color
Remote control
Because OfficeStation employs TCP/IP based standard Ethernet protocol, you can access your office/ home PC from anywhere in the world via the internet.
*High broadband and public IP may be required
Enhanced Security
Increased security through own encryption and password protection. With no FDD/HDD/CD/USB Ports, it's safe from outflow PC data, hacking and computer virus.
Simple and easy to install and use
No terminal server OS and no additional add-on cards required and can be installed simply and easily.
Field application usage
Especially can be used in office, training center, call center, factory, school, cyber cafe or government field.


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