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Benefits of the OfficeStation Xtenda X300
Extreme Low Cost, Support Up To 7 Concurrent Users
OfficeStation Xtenda X300 Solution allows user to install up to two X300 expansion card in a computer, sharing the computer up to 7 concurrent users. A Host PC with P4/HT 1.3GHz - 2.4GHz 512MB or above is enough to power 2 to 4 concurrent users; and a Host PC with P4/HT 2.4GHz-3.8GHz 1Gb or above is enough for up to 7 concurrent users! Comparing to 7 individual computers, the savings more than 80% in cost!
15 Minutes Installation, Simple and Easy to Use
The whole system installation including hardware and software setup only take you 15 minutes; and requires no knowledge on the complicated installation and networking setup, extremely straight forward and simple. After plug and play, user can work instantly and same as the standalone computer operations.
Support Full Screen Video
With the direct connection architecture, Xtenda X300 need not taking consideration of TCP/IP and other networking protocols; thus Xtenda X300 can utilize all bandwitch of the Network Cable, providing the full screen video capability.
Environmental Friendly, Save Maintenance Time
A computer normally consume 350W to 450W power, and OfficeStation Xtender X300 Multibox consumes only 5W. The electricity cost in Hong Kong rising these years and every cents count for a great cost, and you can contribute to environment protection too! OfficeStation Xtenda X300 Multibox extreme small in size, even small than your hand, and can mount on the back of your monitor, plus the noiseless operating environment, provide you a new computing experience.
Wide Range of Applications, Support Several Operating Systems
OfficeStation Xtender X300 user can share the resources in the Host PC, including Internet surfing, Online Games, Internet Applications (e.g. Application Service Providers, Instant Messaging, e-mails ..etc), Office Applications and Multimedia Applications, even playing 1024x768 movies! Targa OfficeStation Xtenda X300 supports Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows® XP Home Edition/ Professional, Windows® XP Media Center Edition and Linux.


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