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In 1986 Targa was launched as a brand of the German company Actebis Holding GmbH which is owned by Otto Versand - the biggest mail-order group in the world.
In 1998 the brand was introduced to Asia under the operations of Actebis Hong Kong Limited.
The company marketed and sold a series of high-quality IT products and developed to an international known brand.
In 2004 the operations was renamed to Targa Hong Kong Limited to continue the marketing and sales of Targa products independently within the Asia Pacific region. Our product range includes digital products, notebooks, LCD monitors and the OfficeStation™ NetStar.
To Targa, satisfaction is equal to customer satisfaction. Only when our customers are satisfied, our objectives can be considered fulfilled.
Throughout the Asia-Pacific region Targa works according to this basic philosophy and to be sure to meet these objectives, we use exclusive quality components of the best caliber in our production while our products are submitted to a severe quality control.
Thanks to our great flexibility, our products are always up to date with the latest technology and therefore, they always meet the demands. Not only the name is common to our products, they all have the same high-quality standard, reliability, and a fast and effective operation in common.
We want to be known for reliability, flexibility, responsiveness and innovative products. Growth, longevity and financial success will naturally follow.


Targa is exclusively sold by specially chosen and highly qualified partners who will always be pleased to help you concerning your purchase of computer products and accessories, and who will offer you individual solutions suiting your needs.
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