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FAQ's - DoubleSight General FAQ

Can I watch TV on this monitor?

Yes you can. For this to work you will need either a TV tuner installed in your computer or an antenna with a VGA adapter.

What kind of warranty comes with the my monitor?

For the TD-15DS, the default warranty is three years limited warranty from the purchase date. (1st year include labour and parts, 2nd and 3rd year labour only)

Can I switch between two computers using the screens?

Yes you can. You will need to have a KVM computer switch and extra VGA/PS2 cables.

Can I play video games with the monitor?

Yes. More and more games are supporting multiple monitors. Check the video game developer's website for support. If the game doesn't support multiple monitors, the game will just be played on one screen like usual.

Why does my video play full screen on the opposite screen of my media player?

This happens if the video mirror feature of your video card is enabled. To disable video mirroring for Nvidia cards, go to Display Properties ->Advanced->->Overlay Controls and disable full screen video mirroring. Matrox calls this feature Pure Video/DVDMax.

What video card should I buy for the DoubleSight monitor?

If you are buying a video card for the PC, click here for some recommendations on the configuration and video cards.

Can I use the DoubleSight monitor with a different vendors wall mounting bracket or base?

DoubleSight monitors support VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association, display and display interface standard)-compatible mounting method. You can use alternative mounting brackets from other vendors to hold your DoubleSight monitor. For safety, the DoubleSight monitor must be mounted to an arm that guarantees stability under consideration of the weight of the display.

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