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FAQ's - DoubleSight Troubleshooting FAQ

Why is one screen brighter than the other?

If you are using two video cards from separate vendors, most likely the brightness and color will be a little bit different. Make sure you press the the auto button on the monitor panel (for the DS-1500); if it doesn't fix the problem, you will need to manually adjust the brightness/contrast from the Menu screen on the monitor or in the individual video card settings.

My screen is off-center. How do I fix this problem?

?or the TD-15DS select the monitor that is off-center on the panel (using the select button); then press the auto button.

Why is the screen so blurry?

The native resolution for the TD-15DS monitor is 1024x768. If the desktop is set to anything lower than these specs it will not look as sharp as it is supposed to. In windows, right-click on the desktop and click on the properties tab. Next, click on settings and make sure the resolution is 1024x768 for the?D-15DS on the slider.

I am receiving an "OUT OF RANGE" message on a black screen when connected to the DoubleSight monitor.

This means that the input signal is not acceptable by the monitor. You will need to ensure that the video resolution and refresh rate of the graphics card in your computer are within the specified ranges. Click here for illustrated instructions on configuration of these settings.

TD-15DS??/font>Resolution: 1024x768?Refresh Rate: 75 hz.

I am receiving a "NO SIGNAL" message on a black screen when connected to the DoubleSight monitor.

This means that no signal inputs are detected by the monitor. You will need to (1) make sure your computer is turned on, (2) check that the video cable is properly connected on both ends, and finally (3) make sure that no pins are bent or pushed in on the video input connector (either end).

My screens are too bright. How can I adjust the brightness/contrast settings?

Depending on your graphics card, your DoubleSight monitor could be much brighter than you desire. If you still need to adjust your monitor's brightness even after engaging the AUTO settings.

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