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FAQ's - OfficeStation Multimedia FAQ

Can all users surf the Internet at the same time?

Yes, one of the best features of OfficeStation is that all users can surf the Internet independently from each other.

Can I play interactive games on both the OfficeStation and the Host PC?

Yes, but it depends on the type of games being played. You can play most 3D games on your host PC if your graphics card supports it. You may play Flash or Java based games on your PC Expanion terminal (anything that does not require 3D acceleration).

Would it be possible to run mpeg-files from your OfficeStation terminal?

Yes, you can run mpeg files through Windows Media player. The performance of video is optimal at web quality and will operate fine if not in full screen mode.

Can I view and listen to video clips and music/sounds on my OfficeStation terminal ?

Yes, you can view video clips on your OfficeStation via Windows Media player or any other video/audio enabled applications. If sound is required on your OfficeStation, amplified speakers or headphones are recommended.

I can't play the video in full screen mode with the OfficeStation.

Our product shares the resources of the Host PC, so the memory and Host PC resources is limited and the performance speed is dependant on the Host PC's specification. Playing the video in full screen mode takes a lot of system resources. We recommended playing the video in an appropriate screen size that does not reduce the system speed.

OfficeStation is designed to run applications at the office such as a surfing the Internet, word processing, or working with spreadsheets.

What is the refresh rate of the OfficeStation?
OfficeStation refresh 50 times per second, provide very smooth screen display.

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