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FAQ's - OfficeStation Usage FAQ

USB Storage device connected to PC can not be used in OfficeStation.
You must change the setting to use USB storage device in OfficeStation. After executing NCT-2000-XP, select "Software Setting(local)" -> "Information & Settings" -> "System Settings". Change the option in the items "Prevent generally the access to USB-storage devices at the terminal" to "No". The default setting is "Yes" which prevents the OfficeStation to access the USB devices connected to the PC.

Can I have the user's name appear when logging on OfficeStation?
Yes. In the OfficeStation setup, select "Setup" -> "TS Options" -> "Edit". Enter your user name into the "User Name" textbox. Only English user name is supported.

OfficeStation cannot show the Windows desktop background image.
Administrator can choose to enable or disable the display the Windows desktop backgroung image in the OfficeStation. To Enable the display of background image in the OfficeStation, open the NCT-2000-XP console, select "Software Setting(local)" -> "Information & Settings" -> "System Settings". In the right panel, change the option "Do not display Desktop Background" to "No". Default value is "Yes" which prevent the OfficeStation to display the desktop background image.

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