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Important Notice
How to register S/W Serial Number and S/W Activation Key

It is required to register the S/W Serial Number and S/W Activation key via Internet or offline registration process. After the OfficeStation is registered, if you want to change the Host PC (or the hard drive within the original Host PC), the registered S/W Serial number and S/W Activation key shall be unregistered.

If the S/W Serial number and S/W Activation key are not unregistered before you register it in another Host PC, then the same S/W Serial number and S/W Activation key can only be used 3 times maximum.
(For more details, please refer to " registration on internet" in manual.

* For the best performance of the product, please update the program periodically from http://www.targahk.com/OfficeStation/os_downloads.asp. For more details of program update, please refer to manual.
(There is a possibility that OfficeStation doesn't work normally because of the patch(s) on your Operating System)

* For continuous technical support, please register your product on http://www.targahk.com/warranty/warranty_registration.asp

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